This is a cool and sweet story

In December 2017, we went to our Honey Moon in Thailand. We had no clue we would encounter such exquisite and attractive gastronomic options. It felt being in a totally different world.

Then it all happened… it was that one day in Patong; just in the middle of the street when we saw a person chopping and making a lot of noise.

This immediately caught our attention and we decided to try the famous Thai stir-fried ice cream.

It was right then that we knew we had to bring this idea back home. We had never seen this in Miami and this was our chance.

We were challenged to be one of the first companies in our home city doing rolled ice cream!

Lots of flavors and toppings for your handcrafted ice cream

The list of ingredients is quite long. Want to know some of them? There’s Oreo, Nutella, Milo, M&M’s, Chocolate bars, Meringue, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Coconut, Banana, Pineapple…

Frequently Asked Questions

How many flavors can ice creams be?

Although it can have how many flavors you want, you can perceive better the flavors if there are only 2: the base and the topping.

How many ice cream can a person eat?

People say that the sky is the limit, but some have already put their mark on the moon. So, eat as many as you want. You will enjoy them all.

Are there light and no sugar versions?

We would love to tell you yes, but we can’t. The light version would be to share it with a friend. Have you ever tried that?

Do you cater at events?

We were born for that. We would love to meet you and your friends. We can go to corporate, social, adult, children’s events, etc. If you we cater for your event, email us to

How long does it take to make the ice cream?

Making an ice cream can take 3 to 5 minutes, but your experience seeing how it is done can last you a lifetime. And it will be a very happy memory.

Are there vegan and kosher versions?

Of course! We all have the right to enjoy life.

Do they contain ingredients that can cause allergies?

Some ingredients can be derived from almonds and peanuts, for example. If you are allergic to any ingredient, ask us before deciding the flavors of your ice cream.

Are you able to cater in all Florida?

Contact us and we will surprise you. You will be amazed to see what we are capable of for making you taste our ice creams.

Is coming an event for your company?

Surprise everyone with our handcrafted ice creams. Your employees or colleagues will love the experience of seeing how their ice creams are made, with many flavors available.